Production Process
Production Equipment
Material Source
Inspection Equipment
Raw Material Source:
Raw material supplier judgment:
Raw material is best direct and most important factor for determining product quality. We do raw material supplier judgment strict conform to ISO9001:2000 system, after qualification judgment, we accept their raw material. In order to insure purchasing products accord with our requirements, we control types of control and degree of supplier and their products.
Raw Material Purchasing Information Communication:
Quality Assurance Dept. is responsible for settling “purchasing inspection rules”, and sending out relevant purchasing list and information to Supplying Dept.. Then Supplying Dept. according to conditions of products sales/production information, integrating storage status of raw material organizes purchasing in order to insure purchasing schedule, quality, quantity, etc. to satisfy stipulated purchasing requirements. The Supplying Dept. should describe all the purchasing products, such as goods name, size or specifications, quantity, delivery condition and quality requirement on purchasing contract/order/list.
Receiving Raw Material Inspection:
Through different raw material heat No. to sample then do some relevant capacity inspection. Inspections usually includes: Chemical Composition Analysis, Intergranular Corrosion Test and Mechanical Property Test. After test, Test Center will supply Quality Assurance Dept. with Material Property Report and Raw Material Chemical Composition Analysis Report, then QA Dept. will do qualification determination. If qualified, will put into storage then arrange for production.
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